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Dear Husband...

I’m just not into romance stuff

“I love you”, I don’t say enough

You say to me I’m beautiful

Even when I’m tired and dull

It comes so natural to you

You have this sunny point of view

You live to lift up others when

They need it most, time and again

A rare gem that is hard to find

It’s easy to you, being kind

So now I’ll pour it on real thick

Verbosity like ton of bricks

Like, every day I love you more

Than you were loved the day before

That when you walk into a room

Like watching bud burst into bloom

That when you speak I search your face

For every feature in its place

Just makes me marvel that you’re mine

As if you’ve been made by design

The year we’ve reached is twenty seven

Of marriage we’re just like two veterans

Seen it all, been there, done that

But we’ll always “take it to the mat”

No matter what, you’re who I choose

You’re Maverick, I am your Goose

Committed to this life endeavour

Connection that will last forever

I shout it now! Up to the sky!

I’ll love you till the day I die…

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