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December 11

Green and red, red and green

What other colours in between

Exemplifies this jolly season

Makes our mood so ripe for pleasin’

Snowy white like Santa’s beard

Silver bells ring loud and clear

The rosy pink in child’s soft cheek

Or golden hues are what you seek

That glimpse of richness of a thing

As precious as a promised ring

A wintry prism, kaleidoscope

It’s like a Christmas bough of hope

Laden heavy with pure joy

The bright eyes of each girl and boy

Reflect the luminosity

Of eager reciprocity

So comes this day, December eleven

Gather close, dear friend and brethren

Under the sun, the sky and moon

Bring forth and share the festive boon

Of love, and cheer and sentiment

Encourage acts benevolent

So that the time that’s left for us

Is filled with frolic without fuss

Our inner child is thus imbued

With nothing but sheer gratitude!

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