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December Dreams

Thirteen children, thirteen gifts

Thirteen bootprints in snow drifts

On a mission with their loot

Dressed in matching velvet suits

Where they’re heading, so determined

In their red hats lined with ermine

In a straight line one by one

Unseen cord between them strung

Trudging tramping never slowing

Still we wonder where they’re going

Babes in woods, steadfast in task

But what that is? Who’s first to ask?

On snowy night, in dim moon’s glow

With curiosity I watch them go

I doubt I’ll ever know their story

Perhaps they’re naught but allegory

Thirteen lives in cold December

Thirteen signs so we remember

Every day is gift worth giving

Conferred to those no longer living

Let their treasured memories

Stir in our hearts a pensive peace

The gifts they may not open yet

Bring mind to those we shan’t forget…

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