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December Too

I’m gonna write to Santa Clause

Must do it quick, and that’s because

I’m gonna ask him something big

He’s gonna need a bigger rig

He’s gonna need more reindeer too

They’re gonna have lots more to do

‘Cause though I’ve been good all year long

I got this feeling, something’s wrong

I see a lot of families hurting

It seems like good in life’s deserting

Just when they need good the most

So now I ask in note I’ll post

A favour small, dear Santa please

I hope you’ve tracked those kids in need

And all the things they’ve asked you for

They get, but then I’d give them more

So all my gifts, please pass them on

To all those kids so sad at dawn

Their hopes and dreams are just too few

Do they still believe in you?

I hope my wish will bring them joy

We can’t let down these girls and boys

Across the world, and down the street

Though I know we’ll never meet

My heart will soar if there’s a way

To bring more smiles come Christmas Day!

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