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*Illustration reference:

Ms. Marvel drawn by

Olivier Coipel and Laura Martin

Like clockwork I’m here every day

I dive headfirst into the fray

Taking on all dolts and comers

The ones I call “The Dumb and Dumber”

Some might think it does no good(As if fighting ever would)

Won’t nothing change how much I care

A troop of one, left standing there

Alone with gripe you think self-serving

With fierceness you might find unnerving

You want me to make better choice?

Instead of using my own voice?

When will people ever learn

A warrior with words to burn

Won’t be deterred by roll of eyes

I will not stand for made-up lies

I beg you not stand for this too

If comes the day, what will you do

When they decide to lie about you?

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