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*Illustration reference:

The Pixar film, "Up" (2009)

If I could have any love I wanted

Eschew I would a love that’s flaunted

That’s bandied about like cheap penny candy

A boutonniere worn by an over-groomed dandy

So sickly sweet yet cavalier

Yet held by grip that’s fraught with fear

Of losing, failing, of being rebuffed

The lover’s dread, of not being enough

No that is a love that can keep to itself

When given the choice, I would choose something else

A love that’s familiar, that’s simple and plain

When needed, will show up again and again

Not built up as apex in overblown rhyme

Instead is the kind that grows strong over time

When I’m at my lowest, it lifts me above

Now that is a love I can’t get enough of!

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