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The concept of pure entropy

Is macroscopic perspective

Of classic thermodynamics

If one is to be so selective

Assessable physical properties

Bulk mass, volume and pressure

So the statistical definition is

In terms of that you can measure

Motions of drive of a system

Like particles make up a gas

A unified view of phenomenon

Through quantum-mechanics will pass

More simply, from cycle of Carnot

A reversible heat is divided

A function of state, fundamental

The photons and phonons collided

A measure of quality and energy

The higher the quality ought

To result in a chance of less entropy

The opposite means you’ll have lots!

Wow, don’t I sound so intelligent

What’s it mean? Really haven’t a clue

I practically failed all my sciences

But I did try to learn something new…

And join me you did in this venture

Through the tangle of words hope you see

That it’s best to make sure that your life

Does not lean towards pure entropy!

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