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A line has drawn itself in muck

And on both sides all feet are stuck

And no one dare deny their view

Even though cessation’s due

For each side thinks it’s dead to right

Though bias is an unfair fight

That one side trafficks in false fear

Then callousness says “Hold my beer”

It steers the weak and gullible

To target only vulnerable

When reason lost utility

Because the fooled refuse to see

The avalanche of backward thought

Has absolutely lost the plot

Exclaim I will as “Chief-In-Venter”

Abandon hope all ye that enter

Exasperation wins the day

And with my ball I’ll walk away

The war’s not won, but dead pile high

And yet there’s no good reason why

It’s all for nothing, hurting people

Just to hoist aloft the steeple

Burning cross, a true false flag

When trampled decency is dragged

Never to be whole again

And battles waged were all in vain…

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