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First Woman

Gone is Barbara Walters

A true broadcasting legend

Blazing trails in journalism

Oppressive rules? She’d bend ‘em!

Six decades her career expands

Accomplishments galore

First woman of so many things

Than there had been before

Co-anchor of the network news

Co-host of beloved Today

A writer and producer who

Kept misogyny at bay

In the world of famous folk

She did not bow nor grovel

Her interviews went down the roads

That had been so less traveled

Pop culture can be light with froth

But Barbara brought it poise

Though often interviews were charged

She’d cut through all the noise

All through her life the spotlight shone

But privately she lived

She championed those on the fringe

She gave all she could give

She never wore the mantle of

An icon needing honour

Eschewed the accolades bestowed

For decades laid upon her

I end this here, with her own words

This advice, I quite adore it

For women young and old alike

Our lives be better for it…

“Don’t fight the little fights

If you don’t get all the lines

If you’re not where you should be

Be the first one in

Be the last one out

Do your homework

Choose your battles

Don’t whine

And don’t be the one who

Complains about everything

Fight the big fights”

Barbara Walters


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