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Fourth of December

What happenings take place up north

Around the date December fourth?

In house with thick thatched roof atop

Where hands that bustle never stop

With year round goal of bringing cheer

To those that live both far and near

There’s hammers knocking, needles sewing

Assembly lines of toys are flowing

A pile of books as high as sky

Trains that toot and dolls that cry

But most of all there’s understanding

It’s not just things that we’re demanding

The gift that means the most of all

Cannot be found in shopping mall

It’s showing love and giving freely

Lightening up the mood, if steely

It’s lending hand, when it is needed

A smile hello when we are greeted

A closeness shown all round the year

So people know we think them dear

Yet how we love our Ol’ Saint Nick

His jolly laugh, those reindeer clicks

It helps us sleep to know he’s there

Our kids will dream of midnight clear

That cookies left for snack at night

We hope are gone in one big bite

What comfort these traditions bring

Like carols we all love to sing

Such warmth and gladness is achieved

If every one of us believes!

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