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Friendship Indomitable

When you’re sad, you need a friend

One you trust, whose ear you bend

That knows your needs without an ask

Whose patient nature never lacks

The ones I have, though numbered few

If troubled, they come shining through

With words that soothe and reassure

The ease they bring feels like a cure

For hardships that life throws your way

With kind and earnest things to say

Yet they will know to give you space

They understand the time and place

Just when to wait, then to uplift

That intuition is a gift

The only currency enshrined

‘Tween friends like this is deeply mined

For rare and treasured is its worth

Beyond all riches found on earth

Though coveted by serf and king

I shall not trade for anything

My friends, my mates, beyond, above

I honour with these words of Love…

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