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Get Moving!

Get up get moving do not wait

Fussing makes one hesitate

There’s one excuse after another

Listless, you won’t even bother

The days flow into months, then years

All gumption in you disappears

Before you know it, you’re morose

A shell of former self, a ghost

You struggle with what you’ve become

Your feet and spirit *sigh, ho hum

When all it takes is just one step

And soon at stairs you’re quite adept

When once you laboured with a few

You now leap up in bounds of two

All obstacles you feared to face

Win on win will take its place

I know your heart beats just as quick

When you meet hurdle you can lick

What satisfaction comes with pride

To call up all that zeal inside

So cast off sloth and seize the day

Yell at what blocks, “Get out my way!”

No second thoughts, get up and go-

Your heart and health will thank you so!

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