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Give Me Something to Believe In...

This might be tough for some to hear

You’ve choice to stop, if you can’t bear

The notion I’m about to fling

I don’t take lightly, but here’s the thing…

As someone who will veer off course

If you believe in mystic force

A being up there, universal

Who thinks we’re cosmic dress rehearsal

Who only takes the ones “He” feels

Are “good enough”, because they kneel

Then sorry, we will disagree

It’s never made much sense to me

And then there’s people who’re in charge

Of making laws, who coldly barge

Into the lives of those on fringe

With accusations so unhinged -

The ones I see that loudly shout

So often seem the least devout

When those, that have a hand in making

Things better, worse, are god-forsaking

Moving farther from the rule

Of kindness, choosing to be cruel

Then that to me proves grim my point

There’s none I’d trust to dare anoint

The world today, from pole to pole

Is splintered, never to be whole

We’re oh so different, and that’s okay

Why must there only be one say?

I think it’s all been left to chance

We’re in control of circumstance

It’s up to us to make good choices

Ensure we hear the smallest voices

To understand with empathy

This world is meant for you and me

It’s not a thing bestowed like gift

We must remember to uplift

Just then might I consider it

To open up my heart a bit

Relief from all the ache and pain

Some faith that I may hope again…

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