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Glorious Gabrielle

*Illustration reference:

after John William Waterhouse's

"Ophelia" (1910)

With every year that passes, a thousand sunrises

She enchants like a seraph, full of surprises

Her beauty resplendent, with a glance mesmerizes

Soft, yet uncurbed, she will wear no disguises

You think unassuming, she lives quietly

The spotlight is where she never will be

She champions truth, she upholds loyalty

Those whom she loves she does passionately

When roused to occasion, she has fire-like spit

Enlivened by cause even littlest bit

On a whetstone she sharpens her razor-like wit

You aim to defy? She will not stand for it!

She is an icon, in the tale of my choosing

Spellbound you fall, as restraint you are losing

Adored and beloved, this lovely young woman

A remarkable soul, step-by-step, she’s becoming…

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