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Go For It!

The one offense we all commit

Too timid not to go for it

To take a stand, but in the back

‘Cause sometimes it’s the nerve we lack

Inertia is thing quite pervasive

As excuse, it’s most persuasive

There’s always time, tomorrow’s fine

It’s too late now, we’re apt to whine

Sad truth is that we then don’t see

All missed opportunity

Yet heed these words? I often don’t

If comfortable, I likely won’t

Be stirring pot I’d rather watch

Avoiding kicking up that notch

So like the rest, I need a boot

An interest, a hot pursuit

It’s vital even as I age

To make sure I am more engaged

Like Joseph Campbell, find my bliss

Those opened doors, we sometimes miss

Should turn our heads and stir our loins

Rouse us to get where we’re going

It only takes good look around

To know such blessings do surround

To our detriment they’re wasted

If sweetness in life goes untasted

I must remind myself each day

Don’t let those chances slip away!

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