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Great Scott!

I challenge you to name someone

As bothersome as they are fun

A person who you know from work

One day is nice than next a jerk

That reminds us of that Michael Scott

The hapless boss you’ve not forgot

He ran The Office like a pro

Well, like any luckless schmuck we know

When first we met he was a twit

He’d make a person want to quit

With bad jokes he’d just go for it

And bragged with naught to show for it!

Week after week he’d make us rant

But not to laugh? You know you can’t!

Remember when he took that hike?

Or when he killed as Prison Mike?

His antics were a real cringe fest

But yet you knew he tried his best

He started out like sad-sack clown

Burning all their good work down

But as the years went by we saw

A change that made us all go, “Awwww…”

Much less times he’d harass at large

Became instead the guy in charge

A kinder gentler sort of man

Who loved his Dunder Mifflin clan

A man we loved to hate at first

With inappropriate outbursts

But we could see his heart was gold

And full of funny bits untold

And when he left his absence felt

Like pants too loose from missing belt

I can’t stop watching old reruns

The whole crew has infectious fun

I’ll always laugh, until I’m dead

Each time he goes, “that’s what she said”

He’s sole to blame for mess he’s in

But yet you root for him to win

At Michael Scott, you can’t stay cross

He truly is The World’s Best Boss!

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