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Green to Gold

Graying statesman sits atop

Accomplishments that cannot stop

Aggrandizement that crackles deep

Inside a head that’s stewed and steeped

In only what peaks to the fore

Preparing troops for what’s in store

Repeating plans so well ingrained

The rank and file must be well trained

But seasoned vets with many battles

No longer relish when sword rattles

Instead they’ve lived to tell the story

Bask in glow of their past glory

Forgetting when the hunger burned

When knee-deep in the mud they earned

The scars that came with nails that scraped

Against the odds and eked escape

With just their wits and sheer desire

That glowed within, the arcane fire

When green to gain the only way

Inexpertness can hope to pay

Is offer effort monumental

To show their worth that’s instrumental

In ventures that take grit and flesh

Are built by hands and backs afresh

Rewards return a hundredfold

When chance bestowed on raw but bold

And them that know just what it takes

That recognize to grant that break

With opened field they’re sure to find

And reap the gold those hands will mine!

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