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Greetings, 2023

The year is 2023

I bet you’re tired, much like me

Tired of the same old crap

You’d like to give this year a slap!

We’re not yet over getting sick

We thought vaccines might do the trick

But not enough will get their shot

‘Cause some still think it’s best to not

But let’s move on, that ship has sunk

(And liable to keep me drunk…)

Perhaps you shrink from celebration

There’s too much stress, unchecked inflation

Here’s a thing that’s so disjointed

With some we’ve become disappointed

People who we once admired

Untold millions they’ve inspired

Turned into huge dumpster fires!

One such dolt, who’s now mere husk

Of once cool dude, that Elon Musk

Just ‘cause some tweets made him bitter

He had to go and ruin Twitter!

I’ll tell you that I’ve nearly had it

I can’t enjoy my fave bad habits!

Can’t eat carbs, say no to sugar

“Wordle” is now, oh so vulgar…

Masks are on, oh, now they’re off

I’ve really truly had ENOUGH!

I took deep breath and now I’m calm

‘Cause writing for me is a balm

And this is not a diatribe

I’d like instead to set a vibe

One of happy and of hope

Encouraging all of us to cope

Better with the ills at hand

And hope it spreads across the land

Let’s start new year with optimism

More compliments, less criticism

Adopt a brighter view on life

I’m sure we’ll undergo less strife

Let ‘23 be full of good

More than we ever thought it could

Make this year, for you and me

The best of all that it can be

Much better than it was before

But if not, there’s still ‘24…

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