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She is focused and sharp as eagle

She’s relentless, Indefatigable

She seems so young and insecure

But for this world she seeks a cure

You may not like her or respect her

For her uncanny bullshit detector

You may not like it, you may reject it

You fling an insult, she will deflect it

I recommend you proceed with caution

For her superpower is that she’s AWESOME!

There are those who call her rookie

She shows her smarts, she gets a cookie

But if your name is Andrew Tate

You’ve learned this lesson, way too late

He thinks he’s cool, but he’s just bitter

And thinks he’s good at tweets on Twitter

Even though his “style” is sleazy

He took on Greta, he thought it easy

But just like dolts that cheat for cash

He charged right in, and did he crash!

Without a clue, he thinks he’ll beat ya

Well, he got arrested, she ate his pizza…

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