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Hang In There!

There’s always dark before the dawn

The highest hill shows far beyond

Pink sky at night will favour sailor

And great success will follow failure

A foiled plan can just be tossed

For all will come out in the wash

If gut instinct tells you to pull it

Most likely you’ll have dodged a bullet

And even if flop all your hunches

You’re fine if you roll with the punches!

There’re setbacks that are hard to bear

But, hey! I say, just hang in there!

You won’t defeat woe with a scowl

No good will come from thrown in towel

Instead it’s best if you still try

With eyes to sky and head held high!

There’s many that have found success in

Memes that highlight these expressions

And hope, I do, you draw strength from

This poem of such idioms!

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