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Hate to Love: Can't Wait to Love

Heart 15 Give It More Soul

Artist: Agnes Kokot

Love is not invention nor folly

Its path is both straight and confounding

It moves through us just like a sickness

Leaves sleepless the mind it is hounding

We crave it as much as we duck it

Drives us mad with its innocent snare

It catches us off guard and swindled

Often conjured from out of thin air

We use it when it is convenient

To exploit one to our own desire

Or we too might fall prey like a fool

Engulfed and enticed by its fire

Without it our lives would feel empty

Devoid of all meaning and care

Essential to function and purpose

But is never impartial or fair

Still we will never not seek it

And promise to pamper and tame

Yet even when it causes chaos

We somehow will take all the blame

For that is the power of loving

And opening up to its charms

Even if once we were ruined

All's forgotten when squeezed in its arms

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