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Heart: Broken, Healing

Poetic Anemones

Artist: Agnes Kokot

Mirror Mirror reflect me not

Cannot return the guilt I've bought

I won't be fooled by selfish traits

Or desperate love and shrouded hate

I've been the tortured soul too long

Beaten though I've done no wrong

Oh how I wish the words we shared

Were held so feelings could be spared

I dodged and ducked your every blow

I clutched at you then let you go

In pique you up and disappeared

Torment with silence is what I feared

Nevertheless I wait for you

Redress the breach all I can do

Yet given chance I'd still not yield

But suffer till my wounds are healed

And even if we're deeply scarred

To you the threshold can't be barred

For home is always where you're found

And rest will come when safe and sound

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