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Home Sweet Home


Artist: Agnes Kokot

I stand alone on a bleached dirt road

A wild rose cupped in the palm of my hands

I breathe in deep its dust-sweet scent

Modest of beauty in these common lands

I close my eyes and listen intently

The wind a song like honeyed refrain

Rustling dry grass sweetly soothing

Drifting or am I compelled to remain?

How I wish I could describe this moment

To those who are so many miles from here

That dismiss my home with contempt

Some flatfooted bore that's lacking much cheer

Indeed this broken road behind my house

Is cracked from weather both scorching and chilled

The skies like clockwork do darken

But the thrum of our life is never stilled

What can draw one to this low horizon

The daylight a precious commodity

Years spent fighting the elements

Adapt to survive is the best fit key

So I press the rose between the pages

Of a secret book sure to be written

To this city, a love letter

I've fallen for her charms and am smitten

I am quite humbled and feel overwhelmed

That my love for this place could be so strong

To stay has always been a choice

Yet choice I have not for here I belong

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