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If Only...

*Illustration reference:

Still from the film

"The Theory of Everything" (2014)

How I wish Love was, indeed

All the world could truly need

To purge us of a moral cancer

We’d live in peace, were it the answer

Love our neighbour, as ourselves

Push hate and spite to back of shelves

When we feel our worst impulse rise

Just summon Love, away hate flies!

If only, oh if only, Love

Was something we had too much of!

Had spirit, soul, entire being

Was capable of fleshly feeling

Then Love could take us in its arms

Comfort, calm, regale with charm

Invade our senses with its presence

Stand strong and firm, more than mere essence

We’d never feel alone or fear

We’d have safe harbour always near

Distress of ever feeling lonely -

Gone, should Love cure all, if only…

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