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In Honour of My Daughter

Raising daughters is a job

We mothers do with pride

But ofttimes insecurity

That's buried deep inside

Puts us in a mindset of

Demands disguised as care

And though we do not mean to harm

It's more than they should bear

We count on them to make great strides

Where mostly we have failed

To live up to our hopes and dreams

When largely ours derailed

We ask of her be better than

The women that we were

Make much smarter choices and

To others don’t dare defer

We project much expectation then

We pester to the end

Hardline and no compromise

We’re mothers not a friend

But there exists a line too faint That's crossed so easily

We end up smothering their lives

And who they’re meant to be

But we must end this cycle now

Or lose our girls in vain

It’s not their place to heal our scars

They deal with their own pain

And that is what my daughter did

She showed me where I strayed

And how the hurts have yet to heal

From judgements I have made

So stand aside and let her fly

Is what I’ve learned to do

For in her I have confidence

And trust comes with that too

How proud I am for who she is

And what she strives to be

That one day I can only hope

She’ll think as well of me…

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1 bình luận

08 thg 2, 2022

Gabby: You grown up to be a beautiful person and we hope each year going forward gets better. Love Nana & Papa

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