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In Solidarity

Darkness and ego have blinded the blind

Not comity nor humaneness snapped the bind

Now that peace is but a state of mind

It is far past the time to lament or to grieve

Diplomacy now is betrayed and naïve

Abandon with anger what once was believed

Freedom forsaken in face of pure greed

Forever he's taken far more than his need

Co-opted the sun just to starve the young seed

So ask not for trust when there's promise of none

Do not ask for patience when out it has run

He's come for your daughter and stolen your son

When hope is on fire what is left to save

Extinguish the spirit and stomp out the brave

But beware the small ripple that swells to a wave

Let fury and rage build an unstoppable force

That rattles the earth from its calamitous course

Useless are doors once free runs the horse

For a poisonous tyrant thinks nothing of faith

Let the message we send to that indecent wraith

Locked arm in arm be the warrior and waif

United in struggle till all are made safe

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