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The night cascades a thousand stars

But she shall shine the brightest

If I were granted much esteem

She shall earn the highest

A creature born of world unknown

That burst into my sphere

Residing in a mossy glade

I long to have her near

At work her fingers dance and flit

With jewels and silver wire

An alchemist could conjure not

The grandeur she inspires

Like siren of the deepest mine

Where opal hides and winks

Or lucid like a spinel pool

Where gentle fawn will drink

I dreamed of her, and she became

Like answered prayer of child

More glorious than Persephone

To tempt us and beguile

Adore her so and she in kind

Bestows upon me wonder

Enraptured and so thankful for

The spell she puts me under

Like amulet of precious stone

She trims and beautifies

Those fortunate be so adorned

Til away, like sprite, she flies…

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