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Love, The Dream

Imagine a world that is grand as can be

We all get along and live happily

The anger and judging down throats is not shoved

Replaced with a sense of just feeling so loved

Diversity isn’t a thing detrimental

Our open minds now are what’s fundamental

Our spiritual-ness is a thing we can treasure

There’s never a need to use as a measure

It doesn’t encroach or push others aside

The dread of rejection no longer abides

And the love with your person is shared without fear

It doesn’t cause others to discount with a sneer

All hatred is gone and replaced with esteem

For all humankind, or at least that’s my dream

Until then we fight for acceptance and peace

For tensions and tumult to finally cease

Will the world that I covet, ever take shape?

From all vitriol, can we ever escape?

May bonds that are frayed find a way to amend

And kindness to all be at my rainbow’s end!

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