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Meant To Be

*Illustration reference:

“The Ouija Board” (1920)

by Norman Rockwell

Love something then set it free?

That doesn’t sound too smart to me

If I love you then what I do

Is kick you out, find someone new?

But what if I like you a lot?

I’m feeling glad for what I’ve got

But folks are saying let you go

This chance for love I’ve got to blow?

I think I will ignore advice

Instead I’ll wrap my arms round twice

And hold you tight and cherish so

Refuse to ever let you go!

But should our love grow dim and spare

I think it best to show more care

Unwrap those arms and talk it out

For love can’t grow if it’s in doubt

And if the answer is there’s none

It isn’t good for anyone

To force a feeling, live on guilt

That isn’t how strong bonds are built

I guess that letting go’s not bad

To say goodbye need not be sad

It takes some time, and faith, to see

If love is truly meant to be…

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