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The day starts dark it’s so befuddling

Just like mojito, my brain’s a-muddling

I venture out, it’s almost nine

For sunlit streets I duly pine

I make my way through dying night

To ever-slowly waking light

The shortest day of sun has risen

A time of merriment? It isn’t 

It’s just reminder we’re deep in it

Winter’s here, no way to spin it

We can’t deny there’s climate change

A snowless Christmas seems so strange

We’re still far from the summer’s heat

The sidewalk’s slick beneath my feet

The gray of morning lasts and lasts

And sun in sky goes down so fast

Before we blink, it’s dark again

To gapless cell we are condemned

The only solace that we have

Is that the earth is on new path

And each day now gets wee bit longer

With every sec our will gets stronger

Thank goodness for the winter solstice

As soothing as a warming poultice

We’ve not endured this cold for nothing

Be cheered, we know that Spring is coming!

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