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Mr. Market and Miss Income

This one is dedicated to my awesome dad, Henry Mah. You're the best!

Mr. Market said one day

I want everyone to pay

I will do my little dance

Making folks think there’s a chance

If they give me all their cash

(And they hope I never crash)

They will make a lot of dough

But there is much they do not know

For I am fickle like a child

Silly things might make me wild

But investors never learn

As if they’ve dollars free to burn

Up and down like roller coaster

Taking down the fool and boaster

Mr. Market’s not your friend

Has no money he will lend

He will take it like a boss

Leaving you to mourn the loss


I would like to introduce

Someone who’s not fast or loose

She will help you make a sum

Lovely sweet our Miss Income

She is known for taking time

Building slow is just as fine

She is who I call a friend

Recommending dividends

Investing smart is what she does

Learned her lessons just because

Mr. Market taught her well

All his secrets she will tell

Never chase the Market’s tail

It sets you up to always fail

Instead trust that investing in

Solid stocks will help you win

Give up all that stress and strife

And earn a salary for life

Sure things are not what you chase

Slow and steady wins the race!

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1 Comment

Apr 08, 2022

Thanks for this Theresa, it's great !!

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