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My Favourite Podcast

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Right out of the gate hit it out of the park

Taking their love of true crime to the masses

They started out small, and they worked off their asses

They made something awful seem easy to take

Their delivery breezy, not phony or fake

It’s really their banter that makes us stay tuned

Like bodies, their zingers around them lay strewn

But serious they are about telling the story

Even if details are scary and gory

With heart and compassion, the tales that they tell

Impart many lessons, though they never end well

But that is the blessing that comes with the curse

To make something good of a thing that’s the worst

I am sure there are times we hide eyes behind hands

Yet we can’t turn away from each gut punch that lands

We laugh out of turn in a hope for relief

And we shed a few tears as we acknowledge the grief

If you find this distasteful, and your mind’s full of doubt

Well, then Karen and Georgia say, “Get the fuck out.”

But it’s all in good humour, it is part of the fun

With their tongues in their cheeks, they won’t hurt anyone

Their message is clear; there’s not a moment to waste

And there’s comfort confronting our fears to their face

All of their listeners are without super egos

Instead there’s a kinship of true “murderinos”!

We all want to sleuth like we’re seasoned crime fighters

Or at least we will binge them as we pull an all-nighter

Why this obsession? It might seem so perplex-y

Of course, don’t get murdered! And to always stay sexy?

There’s no explanation, it’s deep in the soul

To fight back oppression, to have some control

It’s best be prepared, reduce times of surprise

It’s empowering moments that help us to rise

Through sharing the pain, from sadness break free

And wherever they go, we will call out, “Take me!”

Oh, Karen and Georgia, may you podcast forever

And like murder unsolved, we’ll give up on you, never!

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