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My Heart, A Juicy Apple

Apples #6

Artist: Agnes Kokot

What is a heart but a juicy apple

The thriving center of a living thing

Tasty jewel that bursts with promise

From elfin flowers that bloom in spring

We think it dainty when wee in form

Needs summer sun for months on end

From pale to rosy so full it swells

'Til heavy soon its bough does bend

Then like my heart it's picked and plucked

It seeks to nourish and provide

We crave to have our prize discovered

We beckon love to come inside

When in palm held before first bite

It looks just like a babe in arms

Anticipation grows like a hunger

Greedy mouths consume its charms

So I will never hoard nor hide

A jam-packed harvest all shall cull

For what's a fruit if kept from sharing

And what's a heart if never full...

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