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Never Alone

I’m the sort of person who

People often look right through

Never getting much attention

No one ever really mentions

So, I’m shy and introverted

From conversations I’m diverted

But if you take a closer look

You will find my nose in book

Rich with friends I’ll always be

Even if not literally

I’m not wont for anything

I’m happy as Lord of the Rings!

Frodo, Sam and Aragorn

Gimli blowing loud his horn

Life is better in the shire

Smoking pipes warmed by a fire

With books I’m just a page away

From mead shared with Gandalf the Grey!

Or if chills are where it’s at

To Stephen King I tip my hat

I would feel the doom portend

Yet he feels like my childhood friend

Imagination fueled by words

Daring deeds and tales absurd

So even though I’m all alone

With books, I’m never on my own…

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