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Never Let Go

Embody unconditional

Loyalty infinitesimal

Instincts extraterrestrial

They make and break our hearts

At doors we’re always met

With noses cold and wet

Our sounds they don’t forget

They can’t stand to be apart

Do we appreciate them

For sometimes we berate them

But cuddles do await them

Their snuggling skills an art

No matter how long it feels

They soon slow at our heels

Our sense of comfort reels

As the ending journey starts

We must show them compassion

To ease and guide their passing

As remembrances we’re stashing

Unknown waters we must chart

None loves as deeply so

Yet we must let them go

And tears will freely flow

As through our souls they dart

Such memories they spark

Miss their nuzzles in the dark

The sharpness of their bark…

They make and break our hearts

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