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Old Friend

Is there thing that makes life better?

Than throwing on your favourite sweater

When you got it, no one knows

That one with holes in both elbows

It smells of hanging on clothesline

Of woodsy walks, of moss and pine

Its well-worn lining whisper soft

At end of day you hate to doff

Like old friend that knows what to do

When cool days have you feeling blue

In summer you won’t wear as much

Although you’ll miss its soothing touch

But cool night breeze might find yourself

On hunt for it, for nothing else

Can satisfy your need for cover

(Except embrace from cherished lover)

For years, until its paper-thin

A thousand wears have done it in

Reluctantly, in trash, you’ll toss

Perhaps with sadness for the loss

Of simple shrug of jersey sewn

A woven hug that felt like home…

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