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Summer peach so juicy sweet

How I salivate to eat

Flesh as bright as midday sun

Down my face your nectar runs

I will devour every bit

Gone in seconds down to pit

Year round peaches are in shops

Yet nothing’s quite like summer’s crop

On tree ‘til ripe is the ideal

A peach can upgrade any meal

In salads, sauces and in pie

The best dessert I hope you try

Is peaches lovely as a dream

Raspberry sauce and rich ice cream!

And here’s a thing to you I’ll teach

A nectarine’s a fuzz-less peach!

This fruit when taken as a whole

Has moved beyond the plate and bowl

It’s so beloved and idolized

The very thought of it is prized

You’re wonderful, and thus referred

To as a “peach”, the perfect word!

A fruit more unctuous has not come

That looks more like a cuddly bum!

I think a peach is pretty grand

Like sunshine that fits in your hand!

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