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Pure Love

I Love You _3_

Artist: Agnes Kokot

Love today

Love tomorrow

Is not on loan

Nor yours to borrow

It does not sleep

Yet upon waking

Love is there

Yours for the taking

Hanging low

Or flying high

Suffers not

From short supply

But if neglect

Should see it dim

If madly dealt

When left to whim

Brightly burns

Then quickly doused

Peace forsaken

Routine we oust

In love with love

A diamond ring

Circle in sand

A fanciful thing

And so we search

Like moths to flame

A voracious beast

We cannot tame

We're taught to seek

Bereft when lost

To hold and keep

At any cost

Love won't be forced

It can't be tricked

It's not a habit

That must be kicked

Do not despair

When on your own

And have no doubt

You're not alone

An adage old

To thine self be true

For the purest love

You'll find is you

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