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Rhapsody In Pink

*Illustration reference:

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806)

"Happy Lovers"

What is Love? This is Love! 

A proclamation that’s full up of

The sweetest words of glowing praise

To pledge one’s zeal till dying days

So let us honour, as poets do

With creamy words, dyed pinkish hue

Our fealty to that one so true

Such energy we spend to woo

Poke at the center, beating heart

A soaring score shall play its part

A melody that stirs the soul

To captivate, the only goal

Enchanting brew we offer hot

Spurred by the most un-chaste of thoughts

For lose we do all sense of form

When nether regions start to warm

Untethered is our will to think

Bewitched by rhapsody in pink…

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