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Savour Love

How specious can be Love’s thin veil

When on our senses, it assails

A thing that offers none an option

Warn I do, approach with caution

But like a child turned wild with feeling

Head over heel we tumble, reeling

Straight into Love, like treacly honey

Or strips you bare like thief steals money

Can leave you empty, crying, wanting

Oh how it mocks, its manner taunting

As cruel as it can lift you high

Away wipes tears it made you cry

But Love can’t seem to help itself

Tis Chance that played the cards you're dealt

For Love does truly want us glad

Bestows the life we wished we had

Such faith, it has, that we won’t waste it

To savour it, when once we’ve tasted

It’s up to us, when Love comes calling

Keep head about as in we’re falling…

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