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When last we met? I can’t remember

Was it this time in September?

Was it gray? Or rare day sunny

The autumn here is sweet as honey

There’s many details I dwell on

That often, in snap, would be gone

Like that you wore the bright red scarf

So many times unwound to doff

We laughed at how long that it was

But glad you wore that day, because I’d knitted it on rare occasion

You loved it and would not stop praisin’

That for your birthday years ago A gift to you, you loved it so

And here you were wrapped in that token

With sentiments that went unspoken

No being wary of the hour

Just that the time, we did devour

As if it would be all we’re granted

Ensuing trysts would be supplanted

And all that’s left are memories

A yearning that does taunt and tease

So that this day, would twig my heart

This season always stands apart

As both my favourite and a curse

Recollection’s not the worst

What life worth living evades the blues

Would not be path I’d ever choose

To love and leave and love again

That vital spark, our heart’s refrain

Like tributary of amour

We fill and empty, evermore…

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