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Soul Food

Sugar High

Artist: Agnes Kokot

I take a pot

I heat a pan

I hone my knife

I've got a plan

I add some this

I add some that

A pinch of spice

Some unctuous fat

I stir and toss

I crisply toast

I deeply fry

I slowly roast

Then when done

I serve with pride

A dish with soul

Kiss on the side

The plate is full

To overflowing

Amour and belly

Ever growing

For food is love

And tastes the best

When cravings met

With relish and zest

There's never a doubt

That you will eat

At my table

Always a seat

A dish of sweet

And spicy heat

A tasty feat

A tart retreat

The grand finale

Is rich and dense

Slathered and dripping

With pure decadence

An eternal feast

Your hunger nursed

Yet never full

Nor feeling thirst

Make every meal

A new endeavour

Gorge yourself

With love forever

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