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What will it take to open eyes

Out of despair, make hope arise?

So we still have the chance to be

A benevolent society

Could be naive to think there’s ways

To lift a pout up from malaise

For grievance felt is grievance lived

We must condole so we can give

The smallest way, to come around

To share the faintest common ground

For if we don’t, the ties we sever

Wrecked in anger, rebuilt never

We might as well lift high a glass

And toast the end, our time has passed

There’s no debate on which to mull

That hate is unsustainable

Though apathy is somehow worse

Before too late we must reverse

A course of action need be taken

Imperative that we awaken

Right this ship, get back on track

Okay to say, we don’t know jack

A child’s prayer, a well meant song

Why can’t we all just get along?

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