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Summer Night, Soothing Morn

It is hard, when good fortune surrounds

To fathom that which shadows past bound

How could anything taint the air

Of those that live with less weight to bear

When at twilight the only distraction

An unwinding mind is rhapsody waxing

The heat of the day in waves dissipates

And comfort of night is all that awaits

The outskirts of busy live lowered in din

Seekers of quiet wish not to give in

It is privilege to shape a life without care

To flick off disturbance as if it’s not there

Thankful am I for the peace that I relish

To have what I must, without need to embellish

I ponder at dusk in the cool of the breeze

A summer’s night song be the rustling of leaves

The chirp of the cricket makes chorus complete

Soothes till a morn I cannot wait to greet…

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