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Summer Tan

Peek-a-boo on shoulder

Escapes a slouching shirt

Creamy pale and golden brown

A tan’s a summer flirt

We love to flaunt our tan lines

They show the work we’ve done

It takes long afternoons of slack

And glazing in the sun

We care not of the warnings

We leave sunscreen on shelf

Instead we slather baby oil

And bake neglecting health

We wear less so we show off more

We sweat ‘til we’re on fire

The contrast of our untanned skin

Leaves more to be desired

When young we eschew caution

We let it all hang out

A sizzling string bikini tan

Is fun to flash about!

Tanning might be out of vogue

We know the dangers well

But if you cheat in tanning booth

Don't worry, I’ll never tell!

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