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Summer Wedding

They knew exactly when to mark the day

Needed not the other to cajole or sway

Where petals of delicate flowers would lay

Cared not that summer is deemed cliché -

The wind a guest that stirs the bridal veil

The sun an arm now bronzed once pale

The grass fresh-cut with emerald trails

Why should not this day be a fairy tale?

Weekly consult the weather be holding

Just as the carnival gypsy fore-tolding

They basked in all preparations unfolding

No rancor befell them, no pre-jitter scolding

And then came the day so long awaited

None left to chance, all worries abated

A coming together shall be celebrated

‘Neath crystal blue skies all guests are elated

Though risky a setting dependent on sun

A roll of the dice and all plans come undone

A million contingencies reduced down to one

No storm cloud could, or would, damper the fun!

Long goes the party under starry skies

All spellbound by the love that binds and ties

The ardor that passes ‘tween two lovers’ eyes

Swirling like sparks from heat-drunk fireflies

Inclement zephyr won’t quell true affection

Criticize not those seeking perfection

The sunniest season has true predilection A picturesque wedding, a summer confection!

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