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So what is the matter with being awake?

Of opening eyes to the choices we make?

Of seeing the other as we might see ourselves

Of finding the answer the deeper we delve

Desire to not keep repeating the past

To catch ALL the truth in the nets that we cast

When once generations were living in shadow

Accepting the norms ‘cause simply they had to

To those that would protest and try to suppress

I’ve an issue with you that I’d like to address

Just why are you proud to be thick and unschooled

To only be open to being more fooled

To bury your head in the sand, butt held high

On THIS battlefield you are willing to die?

When a world of advancement now waits for us all

Where cultures co-mingle and prejudice falls

And the more we let voices rise up from the mire

Entrenched bias burns like scrap paper in fire

And thankful for that, for where else would we be

If each generation with contempt will not see

That times are a-changing, there’s no way to stop it

And proud are we youth is so driven to top it

I prove that the “Olds” are still standing beside

Jump on that fast train they call “JUSTICE” and ride!

I wear the tag proudly, like stick in the spoke

Of the willful close-minded, unabashedly WOKE!

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