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Taking The Plunge

Is there any feeling worse than drowning?

Flailing, sinking, descending down in

An inky blackness, without breath

The light is fading, foreshadows death

Fingers strain below the surface

Reaching, grasping, without purchase

Still one need not fall full in water

On edge of knife some lurch and totter

To then be sucked down in the ether

Where intentions crash to cede and suffer

Yet bound are they to forge ahead

To fuel those dreams that must be fed

With nothing but sheer thirst and force

No guarantee they’ll stay on course

And some endeavours will succumb

No matter what wells they draw from

Frustrating that is how life goes

Who reaches shore? Nobody knows…

But taking risks has such allure

It sets apart entrepreneurs

It’s those that inch out on that limb

That fear not if they’ll sink or swim

They’re so much braver than I am

They drive us forward, doubt be damned!

*Photograph used for illustration reference:

"Plunging into the Unknown"

By Elena Kalis

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