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The Bard

If you can hear me, raise your hand

With tired eyes, surveil the land

In search of spirit, kindred soul

Entertained by tales I’ve told

This bard of rhyme has deep down well

And endless stories yet to tell

And many lessons to impart

Preachy? Yes, but from the heart

The witty gems that cross the line

Belie a temperamental mind

One that wants a better world

Disguised as whirligig of twirls

Between the laughs and comic joking

Sarcastic jabs of gentle poking

I hope my words are loud and clear

They’re meant with feeling so sincere

For lectures set all thought adrift

They won’t break through, they can’t uplift

So with my singsong playful tone

I hope my words become your own

And we together make much merry

As arm in arm, share load we carry

Roused and spurred by driving song

Our conjoined hearts will sing along!

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