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The "Boss" Boss

The “Big Gun” or the “One in Charge”

That into office they will barge

And order you around all day

And yell when they don’t get their way

The overseer, dominator

Sometimes called “The Terminator”

Someone whom you have to please

That secretly you call “Big Cheese”

Well, that’s the kind of boss you hate

Who at a whim will terminate

At drop of hat, leave you a husk

No, this ain’t ode to Elon Musk!

This is about the opposite

A person that won’t make you quit

But rather eases lines you tow

Whose traits will foster one to grow

That wants to see all good team work

Be the thing that makes dream work!

But now’s enough with platitudes

It’s really about attitude

I challenge cynics and the doubters

To rise above the bad encounters

To find a boss, no hesitation

Did lead you out of situation

With guidance and a tempered mood

That gave you praise when you did good

That knows that work’s no daily test

But rather where, to do your best

They lead with just right balance of

A firm hand in a velvet glove

That’s the boss we’d like to see

And given chance, I hope you’ll be!

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